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Mexico Born-California Bred is the best way to describe Miguel Angel Soto’s (DJ Lunatiko) upbringing. At the young age of 5, he left the life that he knew when his family permanently set up residence in California. Growing up, listening to his Dad singing and playing on the guitar piqued Miguel’s fascination with music. The country style liberty of living in the rural area of Cantua Creek equipped him with the necessary curiosity to occupy himself with hobbies due to the lack of big city luxuries. However, one of the hobbies consisted in attending the town dances. Here is a kid just finding his way in the world, but when that music roared through the speakers, while others danced or ran around, this kid stood silently immersed in the language of music and took mental notes. Family parties were his playground and mixed cassettes and a boom box his jungle gym.


His parents were great pillars in getting this dream to take flight: Dad provided hand me down sound equipment from the local church (speakers with such a low volume threshold that it would result in the speakers making a popping sound) and Mom provided the motivational push to get him some opportunities to let that talent show. His vision began to take form and continue to manifest itself especially as he started launching himself into doing birthday parties for family (Ana Lucia - his little sister mostly) and neighbors. Still, a dream is a dream unless you have the dedication and hard work to accompany it in order to make it a reality. With the continued encouragement of his Mom, Miguel invested in more equipment worthy of a DJ and with it came the demand of his service. While other high schoolers were just focused on trying to save enough money for a car, Miguel was pulling a triple duty of being a student, working at the Half Way store, and DJing on the weekends.


At Fresno State he did some promo events for free to get some recognition and his friends soon referred to him as DJ Lunatiko and it stuck.  His first big college party was for Gamma Zeta Alpha for their annual Revolucion Event which gained him some popularity among the Greek organizations on campus.  Being a part of many events other DJs showcased their talent and their mixing abilities transitioning from track to track seamlessly with perfect timing and equalizer level adjustments.  “How the heck did they do that?!” the young Lunatiko would think as where he grew up DJs didn’t blend like that nor did they have vinyl and/or turntables.


He was influenced by local DJs such as: Sergio Roman, DJ Chacho, Luis Dominguez, DJ Fredo, and DJ Swiss to name a few.  DJ Chacho gave him a good amount of MP3s and introduced him to the likes of Serato (DJ Mixing Software & Hardware).  He spent a lot of time gradually building his database, skill, and equipment.

In 2008 he graduated from CSU, Fresno with a degree in Business Administration with the Focus on Information Systems.  In 2009, he continued working on campus but with the studies done he was able to go into his passion a bit more.  That same year he founded Latinos Stand Upp a multimedia group of DJs and friends to promote night clubs which launched him into DJing for Univision’s 107.9 KLLE FM.  He did the M-F 7am mixshow with “Chavo” for 2 years where he learned the art of a properly mixed set for radio that he used to make his own remixes.

For 5 years he kept busy with club events and weekend events while still holding a full time job an IT Tech.  In 2014 in the eve of his son Ezekiel being born he realized he had to make a transition out of the "club scene" and focus his energy to one day a week versus the 2-3 weekday club residencies. 

The next 4 years consisted of Miguel working full time as an IT Tech for the Federal Government M-F and working as a DJ on the weekend.  He was blessed with a lot of "overflow" events as his personal brand grew and found a common theme in couples asking for references if Miguel was booked. He knew that if he wanted to be in this business professionally he needed an "umbrella" company to push forward.

In 2017, he started MAS Entertainment.  Miguel Angel Soto = MAS. Not knowing what path it would take he just knew with a Team of DJs they would have better success versus by himself.  Miguel and his wife had been working hard to pay off debt with the Dave Ramsey method and in December 2017 Miguel retired from IT to pursue DJing full time.

Currently MAS Entertainment has 5 DJs and is in their 5th year.

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