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Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

Music Genres:

In English: 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Acoustic, Classic Rock, Classical, Country, Dance, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Pop, R&B, Rock, Soul, Swing

In Spanish: Banda, Cumbia, Rancheras, Norteñas, Bachata, Salsa, Mambo, Rock, Baladas, Pop


DJ Style: Very diverse! As an open format DJ I have the option of mixing different genres that still sound very well together and makes for a busy dance floor.


Limited music requests: A special request list filled out prior to the day of the event and requests the day of the event are played accordingly to the vibe of the dance floor.


Your DJ Attire: A Polo shirt may be acceptable for certain companies but not for your wedding. A long sleeve, slacks, shiny dress shoes, and a tie to match or a bit more adequate don't you think?


Require client to provide songs: The beauty of technology allows me to be able to acquire it.


DJs on team: Being the owner and operator you get me. Your contract is signed with me. In a case of an unusual emergency circumstance I belong to a highly skilled network of DJs that can offer as a suitable replacement.


Minimum DJ time: No minimum but 4 and above hours gets you a better deal.


Meeting before booking: No obligation meet and greet: I feel it's important that you meet who will be entertaining your guests that evening so that you can get a vibe not available through a text, phone call, or an email.


Ethnic / International Events: Being Mexican American I am able to emcee in English and Spanish. I know what songs are great for 4th of July or Cinco de Mayo. A Quinceañera or a sweet 16. Diversity is Key.


Accept do-not-play list: Yes


Provides own equip. Yes


Special equip. offered Included in the most popular package are 2 Lasers and 2 LED Effect lights for the dancefloor. Also, 2-4 LED uplights for DJ Facade to match theme color of wedding.


Setup time needed: 1-3 hours depending on uplighting and monogram upgrades. I provide my own table.


Extra space requirements: About 7-10 feet should be enough.


Sign or banner: Not for weddings. A DJ facade comes standard with your choice of color for weddings.


Emcee between songs? Yes! Crowd interaction is a must! Introductions, announcements, and a general sprinkle of hype to energize the crowd.


Techniques to Motivate Crowd: There are certain songs that have very good crowd feedback and if the mind resist the boogie shoes choose the moves.


Require break meals: The time and schedule are orchestrated so that breaks are not taken. A meal is a plus but not a requirement.


Music during breaks: No breaks are usually taken. If having to orchestrate bridal party for their introductions for a time longer than a length of a song a diligently selected playlist will be used in the meantime.


Backup plan for absences: Luckily I've managed to successfully run events with food poising and after a car accident but in the case that's not the case I belong to network of talented DJs that can orchestrate event.


Multiple bookings/day: When you meet  and sign contract with DJ Lunatiko you get DJ Lunatiko. We do have a Plan B in case an emergency happens but we wont pull that stunt every weekend to just get you to sign, we're a different type of DJ Company.


Overtime rate: Pro-rated amount stated in contract.


Charges for travel: Depends on what type of travel is required.


Required retainer: 35% of total amount


Other Information


Cultural Events: African, Asian, Caribbean, Central American, North American, Pacific Island, South American


Additional Answers & Advice:

It's been months of planning, family members, and friends have all made time in their schedules to celebrate your special day with you.  The venue is beautifully decorated, the ceremony was beautiful, and the cake looks delicious!  All seems like a dream.  Your entertainment for that night should add to the clouds of the heavens you feel you're walking on.  Proper planning, experience, and professionalism are key in choosing your entertainment.


-The cocktail hours are a time for the guests to enjoy each others company and socialize with the bride and groom.  The music selection and audio level should encourage that flow not interrupt it.


A DJ is not always an adequate emcee and an emcee is not always an adequate DJ.  Let me give examples.  You hire someone because the radio Gods blessed them with a glorious announcer voice and well that's it, they are unable to read a crowd and mix song to song without gaps and/or sounding like a train wreck.  You hear a DJ on the radio or at the club and think "I want them for my wedding!" but can they announce and orchestrate your special day?  DJ Lunatiko is a triple threat: DJ, Emcee, Coordinator.  Having been highly involved with night club promotions, mixing on air for a Nationally known media station, and more than 10 years in the wedding industry he knows what it takes to make your event positively successful!


-I'm having a Mariachi, Band, or Entertainer during my cocktail hours.  Could you set up before? YES! It's highly distracting seeing the DJ bring in his gear during the dinner reception.


-Can I hear a sample of your work? Sure! Mixes are available but keep in mind that your event is unique and the crowd reactions play a key role in the music groove.  Check out my Music Page.

-What's your cancellation policy? We have a non-refundable retainer system.  

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