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This past Saturday I was asked to DJ for Firebaugh’s Annual Christmas parade. The lead came from Raquel a resident, employee of the city, and a fellow DJ. She had initially hired me to DJ for their Christmas Party mid November 2014 and she gave me an awesome review! (Thanks “Rawquel” if you ever happen read this) So when she asked me if I was available I said “YEAH!” Initially I thought I wouldn’t have much involvement as I was just going to do some light announcing for their raffle and playing Christmas music. I was set up by 2:30pm on side of the flatbed trailer which was going to be used for the panel of judges for the floats. I took my 2 QSC K12’s which did an awesome job and my custom Technics 1200’s with my Rane 62Z mixer just in case the parade turned into a dance was my thinking. The parade was set to begin at 6pm with the National Anthem which was sang beautifully and even though I introduced the lady I can’t remember her name now. Well, I was pretty much given full reigns of this parade announcing beast and it was an amazing experience. I engaged the city of Firebaugh in a countdown from 10-1 to light the Christmas Tree and soon after I was up next to the judges to do the float announcements and with each float came a quick (some not so quick) tid-bit announcement. I had a great view of the parade and was only able to snap a few pics due to how busy the announcing part was and was also keeping track of floats. In this parade I not only saw the floats, I saw the work and unity it took to put an event like this together. The street sidewalks where filled with spectators ready to cheer on their float participants. There where cop cars, a K-9 unit, a go kart sized choo choo train, folklorico dancers, bag pipe players, a marching band, a few big semi trucks, a Frozen themed carriage, and of course Santa Class with Eagle High School Mascot just to name a few.

Being that I had no idea of this role I was going to take and wasn’t too prepared with what each announcement looked like I probably messed up a few names and read an acronym as a word but all in all I felt it went well. I was grateful for my Mom’s in home Spanish reading lessons and that I have pushed myself to not just be behind the turntables and mix tracks but to be able and eloquently announce in English and Spanish. Soon after the event I was complimented on a job well done and the “tone” of my “radio voice” and pretty much got 5 event leads for 2015. Thank you city of Firebaugh for a memorable Saturday Night.

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