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The Win/Win DJ whom mixes.

Imagine planning for a whole year to watch a movie. For many people they’ve waited their whole lives to watch this movie and when that day arrives, you are ready! You have your popcorn, your favorite candy, you’re surrounded by all the great people you want to enjoy this movie with and of course your ginormous soda that if you happen to spill a flood warning will broadcast over the emergency alert system. The previews begin and you’re fingers are more buttery than the lines your partner first used on you while dating and it’s due to you being ¼ of the way into your popcorn. The movie finally starts and it’s beautiful. You’re full of the popcorn which you still have more than half of the bucket left but who cares this movie is just… buzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzz.. “Hello? Yeah man I’m at the movies!” (pause) “No big deal, just another movie I can talk”

If your menacing stare doesn’t burn a hole through their head that popcorn bucket is definitely looking more appealing as a hat on their head.

Oh yes the movie. The main character is more attractive than… “Ma’am may I see your movie ticket?” You quickly think of other areas of where that candy corn flashlight may serve a greater purpose.

A movie with all these interruptions affects the flow, the energy, your entertainment value, and last but not least your mood. The energy on the dance floor when all is said and done with the schedule of events is essentially the same way. A wedding boasts a celebration of happiness and in many cases cultural mixing, family mixing, a bartender mixing, and so why doesn’t your DJ mix? YES! It’s important and let me explain to you why. An average time a song lasts is about 3-4 minutes and typically a DJ that doesn’t know how to mix will essentially play all 3-4 minutes of it, silent gap, and then push play on next song. See where I’m getting with this? It’s an interruption of the energy and the overall flow. If you truly have a skilled DJ who mixes for example Montel Jordan’s “This is how we do it” with Usher’s “Yeah” you get 2 songs with no interruption for a consistent flow and guess what you get more music for your money. As Stephen Covey describes in his bestselling book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” it’s a Win/Win.

A Win/Win situation is where both parties involved feel that they truly got what they wanted. The couple will get a more mixed, more hyped, and overall more music for their guests to enjoy. The DJ gets to do what he’s been waiting to do the whole night and that’s start the party. The DJ lives for the time that they can take the guests on the dance floor on a musical journey and essentially the DJ feeds off the energy from the crowd. The couple gets all their moneys’ worth and the DJ gets to do what he loves. In my experience the couples always tell me about how their guests compliment them on the DJ. Now don’t get me wrong there are some classics that you just have to play the whole song but do we really need to hear all 5 minutes of Celebration when there’s so much more music to be enjoyed and mixed? Some genres are hard to mix say from English to Spanish and you may need to have the DJ do what I like to call a change of beat announcement but you can’t expect an announcement in-between every song. It’s honestly an art form and a skilled DJ will make you feel that there was no lapse, no change, and all is just flowing. When your guests are mostly on the dance floor all night than anywhere else you hired a Win/Win DJ.

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