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This is my first attempt at blogging so bare with me I’m hitting the ground running with this new blog post unveiling a new wedding mix. What I hope to accomplish with this mix is a couple of things. The first thing to provide a sample of what my music mixing style is like (as once being a push play DJ myself about 10 years ago) I have pushed myself to evolve for the better. The second is to give the unsure client a nudge in the booking my services direction if they where first unsure of booking my services. As previously mentioned I have evolved from the “push play” style that very prevalent in the Wedding DJ industry not just here in Fresno, California but also stretching to the East Coast. In this mix I showcase some scratching and genre to genre mixing with some wedding classics and some newer tunes for an overall English Feel Good Wedding Mix. This mix is the first in it’s 3 part segment, so stay tuned for the other 2 mixes.

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