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Wedding Whirlwind Whimsical!

I've seen it many times before. The Bride gets pulled one way. The Groom trots around to the caterer, then photographer, then to answer a question from a guest. It's a wedding whirlwind whimsical! I truly believe that a wedding should be ENJOYED not survived. For many cases this is a couples’ first wedding endeavor and it’s a looooong dark tunnel without proper guidance.

My initial meeting with a client is a very casual gathering that begins with a handshake and just sets the tone to see if I’m the right fit for their special day. I go over how I handle the event and the work it takes behind the scenes for it to be successful. Granted I’ve had my share of events where all I have been given is the name of the First Dance and luckily I have enough experience to still be able to pull off a positively memorable night but planning is KEY to an even more extraordinary experience.

Small Things to Consider:

The hall/venue: Does it allow for set up day prior or how many hours prior to opening doors to guests?

The caterer: Are they passing out the beverage for the toast or is it already at the table? Does it require some sort of effort to open the bottle? I learned this lesson early on where someone from the bridal party would come up and tell me we’re ready for the toast. I make the announcement and yes the bridal party is ready but not the rest of the guests.

The photographer: They are there to capture the timeless memory of your event but if they miss all the important shots because there is no guide to when, what is happening then they might as well stayed home to catch up on the latest Walking Dead episode.

The Mariachi and/or Live Entertainment: Do they take breaks? Will they need any sound resource from DJ? Do they take their own? Will they be on stage?

There are so many things to consider when planning the big day and also having to run the whole show SHOULDN’T be one of them. I take pride in taking that stress off their shoulders so they can actually do what they intended to do, ENJOY the celebration.

I usually meet with the couple 1-3 times before the big day to get all the details worked out. On the last meeting when the agenda is put together, I’ve heard time and time again as if they’re able to breathe again with having such a fluid guide to their event.

Right after the event I’m greeted with a hug and an enormous amount of “thank yous.” I am very fortunate enough to be able to be a part of each couples’ special day and my gratitude is always towards them.

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