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LMFAO in Delano, CA

I knew Jonathan Hernandez as “Jon Jon” from the B95 homegrown show and was eager to meet him when he decided to hire me as his wedding DJ. We met at a Starbucks in Fowler and went over the wedding details and how I usually like to coordinate the reception and other miscellaneous details. Contract was signed that day and a few weeks later he called me up in regards to being involved with a comedy show he was putting together in Delano. I had never been a part of a comedy show but loved watching and listening to stand-up comedy so I jumped on board like a pirate on a new Treasure Island journey.

In the weeks leading up to the event I noticed Jonathan or “Mr. H” was revered nationally as one of best College professors. Jonathan ranked 5th highest in the Country through students on (which are real reviews from students and there is no sugar coating on someone’s performance being a fellow site user when they first launched.) [READ ARTICLE]

I had gauged the professionalism of the event when I first got a peek of the flyer. It boasted stage lights, vintage style marquee, elegantly placed 3D Title Graphics, and the main acts Darren Carter and Carlos Oscar top and center. I recognized the designer right away. I’ve admired Jose Moreno’s creative genius since I first laid eyes on his work back in my club promotion days and used his media as something to aspire to when I dig deep into graphic design. He did a few flyers for us back in the day and I highly recommend him to anyone that is in the market for stellar graphics work. With a guy like Jonathan and Jose being involved on the same project I knew I was in for something extraordinary.

In the week before the event I met with Mr. H and Len Jurado at El Mexicano on 99 & Manning (how I came across this restaurant is a whole other blog post) to go over agenda for the show while feasting on some tacos. Len an aspiring local comedian was going to be one of the two openers for the show so it was great to have us all involved with the process. We came up with a better flow and called it a night.

I had called in the ranks of Arturo Villagomez when Mr. H expressed to me that we might need more sound for the event. Arturo AKA DJ R-2-Oh is always chipper in lending a helping hand when available and always provides great ideas at no cost! The extra sound inquiry was cancelled due to them being able to use house sound but R.2.O was not one to be shaken off so easily.

We arrived at John F Kennedy Auditorium in Delano and were quickly greeted with smiling faces and an eager helping hand from the WECOMM Club that Mr. H spearheaded. Arturo and I set up and wrapped up last minute details to get situated for show.

I won’t get into too many details of the comedians sets because if you ever get a chance to see them live or purchase their material, DO SO! The energy once the show opened up with Delano’s very own Eulalio Magaña was intense! Len walked out to Tower of Power’s “Still a young man” which he later incorporated back in his set. Darren Carter “the party starter” did just that! Kicking off his set with beat boxing, flash light show, and off the wall sound effects. The headliner Carlos Oscar left no room in any seat for as much as a blink! He captivated the audience and kept his thumb on their pulse until the last second. The agenda was filled with Gift Card giveaways, knee slapping laughter, Real DJing, phenomenal comedians, and a $100 in cash Dance Contest Giveaway.

All show attendees got a lot more than what they paid for that night. The SOLD OUT show was phenomenal and I highly recommend to attend whichever one they put in the works for next year. I was astounded that every part of the agenda was met with met with great enthusiasm. I had a chance to interact with Len and Carlos before the show and just seeing them in their craft and in their art form they were a whole different being. They just flip a switch and voila you are exposed to their lifeblood. Thank you to all those involved and for allowing me to be a part of such a joy filled night.

Check out the WECOMM Gallery. Photos Courtesy of Ricardo Escalera.

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