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5 Last Minute Wedding Day Hacks

Ladies and Gentlemen these are tried and true hacks that I have used on more than one occasion and they are mind you absolutely LAST MINUTE adaptations that can just help you and the stress level for that day.

  1. Where’s the Garter? This happened at my own wedding and on some other weddings that I was involved in and it’s too late to rush to the store and get another one and you don’t want to entirely skip the garter removal (personally it’s one of my favorite things to orchestrate). Here’s what I’ve done and it has worked. Look for the baby that has the flower headband and let their parents know what’s going on with the garter and usually unless it holds a sentimental value they are okay with giving it to you AND it adds to the something borrowed pile. Remember to send them a HUGE THANK YOU CARD. (Photo Credit Here)

2. Running late on schedule? Usually weddings are hardly running on time along with their schedule and honestly it’s the norm but when you hit the 1 hour mark of running behind schedule and you have to kick into high gear this is what I have done. If your dinner is served to your guests at the table keep in mind that you have the same staff that’ll be responsible for picking up the plates, passing out champagne, and the cake. So you may not be able to do the toast right after dinner but you can have the entertainment announce that your guests are welcome to taking pictures of the couple cutting the cake (just cutting at this point not passing it out), or you can move up the first dance, father/daughter, and/or mother/son dance. So you essentially move something up so that you’re still taking care of agenda and giving the staff time so they can pass out the drizzy drinks. This also works for when your photographers’ contract time is getting close to its end. Your picture priority should have the honeymoon/money dance at the END or left out if you have to (trust me that day other agenda items are picture priority). (Photo Credit Here)

3. No pins, box, or bag for Money Dance? First, let’s change the money dance title to Honey Moon Dance because it has a better ring to it aaaand you can personalize it by having the entertainment letting your guests know where you’re going for your honeymoon destination but I digress. Usually the entertainment consists of a DJ and a DJ has headphones and those headphones usually have a nice headphone bag. Soooooooooooo, have the bride hold the headphone bag on their wrist (usually they have a drawstring) and announce the Money is to be deposited in there. (Photo Credit Here)

4. Poppin Bottles! If you’re in a situation where the toast is coming up or has already been announced and to come and find out that your bottles are not twist off, or pop off, but the good ole fashioned “crown cap” that needs a bottle opener you cannot leave the “beer enthusiast” cousin to single handedly open all the bottles. Here is a blog post on “everyday” items you can use to pop those bottles. (Photo Credit Here)

5.) Magic Mountain Ride Line for Buffet? If your guests invite themselves to the buffet line as soon as the first dinner entree comes out don’t feel bad for politely asking them to sit back down J Yes I have been that person and it’s okay I do it for the newlyweds in the end they know the work they have put into their event. I know your guests are hungry but so are the newlyweds and everyone else. Have your entertainment cordially invite everyone back to their seats and that someone will go to their table to excuse them. You let them know that having a long line poses a danger to escape routes in case of an emergency so essentially you announce it as a safety concern because number one it is, number two there’s usually appetizers, and number three we don’t want a Magic Mountain Ride Line. (Photo Credit Here)

Number one way to avoid all of these is to plan to the best of your ability. I try to foresee things before they happen so that the guests don’t notice all the behind the scenes work and in their eyes all is well. Work with TRIED AND TRUE WEDDING PROFESSIONALS that are across the board vendor friendly. You essentially want all your vendors to “play nice” with each other. I hope these tips may be useful to you or a wedding you attend in the near future and if it works let me know! If it doesn’t we at least made a valiant effort.

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