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DJ Lunatiko Color Me Rad Selfie

On April 26th, 2015 I had the great privelage of emceeing for a crowd of over 2,700 people in Woodward park for Color Me Rad and it all began with an email.

Johnathan Muñoz and I had worked on several events together for his Fraternity at CSU, Fresno and the relationship continued even when we both had graduated and had entered the workforce. He had been asked about a DJ and possible "Hype Man" for this year's Color Me Rad event in Fresno and was quick to give him my information.

Ryan Johnson emailed me in regards to DJing the event and I was quick to accept the invitation to such a grand and international level event. I refferred him on over to my site and social media pages and the postion was filled. The role later evolved into MCeeing in addition to playing music as Johnathan was quick to express his confidence in my work by saying "Miguel can handle EDC" in response to how I would do for the event. With quite a bold statement I wanted to showcase my best work.

My long time friend and DJ mentor DJ Fredo had just moved backto Fresno and asked him if he could DJ while I emceed. I knew it would be didfficult to have both responsibilities for such a big event and I wanted to focus completely on motivating the crowd with games, giveways, and other event needs. Fredo was on board and we were set! I wanted for the participants to be exposed to what in my eyes a Real DJ is as the media has perpetuated this role to be easily filled by people whom just have high social stature and no actual skill.

The day began at 5am and we quickly realized that it was going to be one for the books! We had to cover speakers and the area where DJ Fredo was to prevent the paint from getting on equipment but that didn't break our stride one bit. The comboniation of music, games, and giveways kept people going and motivated until the very end. The event was a complete success! The energy from the crowd motivated us to give them our best. We had a Zumba instructor take the stage in an impromptu song. The fanny pack modeling caused a laughing riot and the dance contest featured classic and contemparary moves. We had such great feedback from participants and volunteers. We where completely honored by being involved in such a great event and we definitely hope to be back next year with a new arsenal of Color Me FUN!

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